Kate Moss for Calvin Klein, April 1992

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Go to him. Stay with him if you can… But be prepared to bleed.

"A Case of You", Joni Mitchell (via melodyjane)

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“She lay for a considerable time looking blankly at the wall opposite, her hands clasped above her heart, and her light burning by her side. All articulate thought had long ago deserted her; her heart seemed to have grown to the size of a sun, and to illuminate her entire body, shedding like the sun a steady tide of warmth.”


— Virginia Woolf, from “The Voyage Out” (via mitochondria)


by Jeff Bark for Oyster Magazine

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A guy that asked for my number yesterday is now “flirting” with me via text and he so is bad at it, I’m just laughing so much right now.


Andy El Kanani
Lost in a moment, 2014

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Salome with the head of St John the Baptist by Carlo Dolci, 1665-70 (detail)

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